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day 6 [Jul. 22nd, 2006|09:07 pm]
[Current Location |utah]
[mood |weary]

Miles_traveled: 660

Starting point: North Platte,NB

Ending point: Salt lake city, UT

Point of Furthest Western Progress: Lake point junction, UT

time on the road: Approx. 11hrs

Wyoming. what can I say. theres NOTHING in it. today was largely spent traversing this hilly state. I think either the fatigue or the altitude has started to take a toll on my boys. Slick was a pest when let out of the crate, and eric became increasingly more agitated. While stopping for gas in Laramie, we were going to have OAH phone in an order for ace to a local Pharmacy, but stumbled upon a vet just 3 doors down from the gas station. Dr. Porter was VERY helpful and hooked us up 5 tabs of 10 mg Acepromazine for the boys. I gave Eric and Slick each 10 mgs, and knocked them out but good. I was worried it was a little heavy for eric, but he's since woken up fine, albeit still rather drunk. They slept after about 45 mins and stayed quiet the whole rest of the way. Thermin was an angel and never needed anything.
We made it out to Lake point Jnxn, but were faced with a) 3 more hours into NV or b) backtrack 15 miles to SLC. We eventually decieded to return to SLC, go to bed early and tackle all of NV tomorrow.

Plan for tomorrow: NV+CA. It looks like the terrain gets a lot rougher over the UT/NV border, so waking up tomorrow will be the way to go. Estimated highs in Davis tomorrow are expected to get up into the high 100's, so moving in will be an Ordeal. Plan to meet up e's friend in Davis when we arrive.

Happy trails.

From: (Anonymous)
2006-07-27 05:17 am (UTC)
Take your time, the trip will be over soon and you can relax...... enjoy it while you can.... hooah
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